How to choose a good professional when undergoing cosmetic surgery?

Dr. Santos Heredero, a specialist in Plastic Surgery, explains that in Spain there are 9,000 doctors who perform cosmetic surgery without specialized qualifications. The first thing a person who wants to have a medical-aesthetic touch-up should bear in mind is the choice of the right professional and the right medical center.

The people who are qualified to practice cosmetic surgery are accredited as specialists in Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery and are registered in the SECPRE, whose directory can be consulted.

In the medical team of Dr. Santos Heredero likes to work with honesty, professionalism and total transparency with our patients, so we recommend a series of points that can be helpful to anyone who is thinking of undergoing cosmetic surgery:

  • Personalized attention. The person who is going to perform the intervention is the same person who should evaluate us in consultation. We must be wary if a commercial or any other person who is not the surgeon attends us.
  • First free informative consultation. It is essential to have the opportunity to sit down with the doctor and ask him all the doubts about the intervention we want to undergo.
  • Hospital environment. A cosmetic surgery should never be performed outside a hospital that is not equipped with sufficient resources to deal with any kind of problem.
  • Preoperative. Before entering the operating room it is necessary to confirm that we are in good health. A complete blood test, an electrocardiogram and a visit with the anesthesiologist will give us the peace of mind to undergo surgery.
  • Find out about preoperative and postoperative care. It is important to follow the medical guidelines to minimize the impact of the operation and achieve the desired results.
  • Real expectations. Many people want to have surgery and want the same effect as a celebrity. The person who can best advise us is the medical professional.
  • Improve the appearance by choice and at the right time. There are people who decide they want to have surgery when they are going through a weak moment in their lives and think that the intervention will solve their problems. It is necessary to make the decision to have surgery to improve your appearance, to feel comfortable and identified and regardless of external situations.
  • Look for the best option. Medicine is constantly evolving and there are many MINI techniques, minimally invasive or non-invasive, techniques especially designed for people who want to improve their appearance but have respect for major surgeries.
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