Dr. Eduardo Tolosa attends several congresses and meetings on Parkinson’s disease

Dr. Eduardo Tolosa is a renowned specialist in Neurology and a member of Top Doctors. In addition to lecturing, he organizes meetings and takes part in different teaching and research activities.

On October 8, Dr. Eduardo Tolosa organized the LRRK2-Parkinson’s disease scientific update PPMI Project meeting at the Ester Koplowiz Research Center in Barcelona. The meeting was sponsored by the Michel JFox Foundation of New York.

Several leading researchers in the field of Parkinson’s disease also participated as speakers, including Dr. Dolores Vilas from Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, Dr. Iria Carballo from Vall d’Hebron Research Institute of Barcelona and Dr. Michela Deleidi from the Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases, University of Tübingen.

In November the meeting Rasagiline in parkinson disesae from scientific evidence to clinical practice took place in London. Dr. Eduardo Tolosa gave two lectures in which he presented the following topics:

  • Current pharmacological treatement. Emergint treatments
  • Epidemiology, diagnosis, clinical features and progression.

Dr. Eduardo Tolosa has directed this past November the Deep Brain Stimulation in Movement Disorders course which is held annually at the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona. The course, organized by the European Continuing Medical Training, aims to familiarize and train neurologists in the latest advances related to deep brain stimulation in movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, dystonia and tremor.

At the end of November, the 7th International Congress of the Lebanese Neurology Society took place, in which the doctor participated with two lectures.