Do you know what is the definitive solution for anal pathologies?

Dr. Delgado Diaz, specialist in Proctology, explains that diode laser surgery of the anus is the definitive solution for hemorrhoid disease, anal fissure, perianal flaps and fibroids, polyps of the anal canal and fistulas.

The laser scalpel allows to perform the surgery with great precision without affecting healthy tissues, obtaining better results and a more comfortable postoperative period without cures. It is a very clean technology that hardly damages the vessels or nerves in the area, avoiding almost 100% of bleeding and favoring recovery. With diode laser surgery, wounds become less inflamed, hurt less and heal faster.

Postoperative pain is almost non-existent. It is usually performed without hospital admission and can be applied to any type of patient.

Care after surgery is simple, based on food, sitz baths and analgesics.

It is mandatory to diagnose the patient well because there are diseases with similar symptoms that do not require surgery.

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