Traumatology LENOX Corachan, a multidisciplinary unit of traumatology

Traumatology LENOX Corachan is a center of medical excellence member of Top Doctors. It specializes in Traumatology and Orthopedic Surgery, both adults and children. It is a multidisciplinary unit consisting of specialized areas in the following pathologies:

Knee Unit

The Knee Unit has specialists who are experts in the most advanced surgical techniques currently available.

– Arthroscopic surgery: indicated for meniscus pathology, chondral lesions and ligament surgery. – Joint preservation surgery: aims to preserve and prevent the onset of advanced osteoarthritis. – Prosthetic surgery: it has all the technological advances, both in the design of materials and technique. If required, the treatment is associated with medical treatment with growth factors, hyaluronic acid and other medically tested biomaterials.

Dr. Minguell Moñart and his team as well as Dr. Iglesias Diéguez are pioneers in these techniques. Dr. Godall Arteaga is a reference in sports medicine and arthroscopic surgery.

Hip Unit

The hip is a spherical joint that, thanks to this shape, has a wide mobility in all planes. Any alteration of this movement should be a warning sign in order to make an early diagnosis. The most commonly treated pathologies are: hip dysplasia, osteoarthritis, fractures, rheumatic diseases and femoroacetabular impingement, among others. The main treatments used are: total hip prosthesis, hip prosthesis replacements and osteosynthesis, although in recent years arthroscopic techniques and minimally invasive surgery have advanced considerably and are also performed at Lenox. This unit is formed by Dr. Morales de Cano and Dr. Delgado López.

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Shoulder Unit

The techniques used in shoulder pathology are open surgery and arthroscopy. The selection of the technique is made on an individual basis, taking into account the different factors of the injury. Related pathologies include:

– Subacromial space and rotator cuff pathology – Intra-articular pathology – Degenerative pathology – Acute traumatic pathology and sequelae of trauma.

Dr. García Portabella and Dr. Boluda Mas are the doctors who are members of this unit.

Spine Unit

This unit treats localized back pain in the cervical, dorsal or lumbar area. Among the procedures performed are: treatment of herniated discs, treatment of vertebral arthrosis, treatment of fractures and deformities of the spine, rhizolysis, vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty.

The medical team is formed by Dr. Boluda Mas, Dr. Molina Ros and Dr. Solsona Espin.

Unit of Traumatology and Orthopedic Surgery for children

Skeletal injuries affecting children and adolescents have very special connotations due to the fact that they are in a process of growth. This unit treats all pathologies, whether congenital or developmental, of the child’s locomotor system. Some of them are: congenital hip dislocation, clubfoot, gait disturbances, flat feet, congenital hand malformations and lameness.

Dr. García Fontecha is the specialist of reference in this unit.

Hand and elbow unit

Hand and elbow surgery must be very meticulous and minimally invasive to avoid loss of balance in movements. One of the main objectives of this unit is the thorough clinical study in order to offer the optimal treatment adapted to each case. Some of the most frequently performed procedures are: treatment of rheumatic hand, treatment of neurological compression syndromes, prosthetic hand surgery, arthroscopy, tendon injuries, hyaluronic acid infiltrations and growth factors.

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Dr. Pidemunt Molí is the referral specialist in this unit.

Foot and ankle unit

Foot pathology is disabling because of its obvious role in supporting body weight. Pain, deformity and trauma are the most frequent pathologies. The main treatments they perform are percutaneous forefoot surgery, arthroscopy of the ankle and small joints of the foot, hyaluronic acid infiltrations and growth factor therapy, among others. They also treat flat feet, rheumatic foot, pes cavus, Morton’s neuroma, plantar orthoses, diabetic foot, ankle instabilities, osteoarthritis and heel spurs and plantar fasciitis. In most cases, the technique used is performed on an outpatient basis, so that the patient can ambulate from the moment of the intervention.

Dr. Ginés Cespedosa is the specialist of reference in this unit.