Celebration of Embriogyn’s 10th anniversary with professional colleagues

The best gynecologists and reproductive experts gathered at Casa Joan Miret in Tarragona to commemorate 10 years of Embriogyn dedicated to Assisted Reproduction and Prenatal Diagnosis.

The event served to celebrate with the medical sector the excellence of the Embriogyn center for a decade in making the desire of many people to have a child come true. It was also a meeting to share opinions and impressions about the important projects and initiatives in Assisted Reproduction and Medicine. The new and recently improved facilities of Embriogyn’s clinic in Tarragona, as well as the two new locations in El Vendrell (through Policlínica Comarcal de El Vendrell) and Tortosa were also presented on video.

On the other hand, Yolanda Portero, director of the health NGO Pallapupas and guest at the evening, also took advantage of the evening to comment on their solidarity project: she explained how for years they have been working with clowns who visit the sick and elderly to bring them entertainment and laughter, having a very positive influence on their health. Thus, the evening became a celebration of 10 years of Embriogyn, a Top Doctors member center of excellence, offering new opportunities for parenthood to hundreds of families, as well as a meeting and exchange of ideas and projects in Assisted Reproduction and Medicine among colleagues in the profession.

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