Witness: system for coding clinical information

Although it is very difficult to happen, there is a fear among patients of the possible confusion of their samples when they are in the laboratory. To avoid this, a highly secure computer system has been created that makes this confusion impossible, as it prevents samples from different patients from coinciding in the same place at the same time.

What is Witness?

Witness is a system through which the patient is provided with a coded card with her history and spouse, if any. Thus, from now on the plates and tubes will not only be marked by the marker but will also have a radiofrequency label, which contains the information of the couple.

When the radiofrequency tag is placed on the readers, the computer ratifies who they are and only allows them to be used with the couple’s gametes (which will have another sticker with the same information). In this way, in case of placing two samples whose labels do not match, the system will not allow the specialists to continue working.

On the day of the embryo transfer, the patient must insert her card in the operating room so that the laboratory can take her embryos and carry out the process.

At Clinica Tambre we want to help our patients during the assisted reproduction treatment process, and that is why we have incorporated the Witness system to ensure maximum security in our work routine. In this way, we believe we can provide them with added peace of mind and confidence.