The N.A.P. Diet: eliminate unnecessary burdens

Dr. Beltrán Margarit has recently published her book La Dieta del P.A.N, a story that tells the story of people who carry unnecessary burdens on their backs. La Dieta del P.A.N. deals in an entertaining, original and rigorous way with the problem of physical and psychological burdens and how they affect people’s happiness.

The book tells the story of five characters in a doctor’s office and deals with health issues along with the psychological theories of Transactional Analysis, based on the three parts of the personality structure: parent – adult – child. These parts are explained by the authors and applied to the personal circumstances of each of the book’s protagonists.

The book seeks to open the reader’s eyes and learn more about himself, health, emotions, and to have enough information to make changes in his life, if that is what he considers.

How did the idea of writing this book come up?

The idea of writing the book came after listening to Juan Manuel Opi in the presentation of one of his best known books, The Keys to Human Behavior, in which he explained the functioning and knowledge of human behavior through a psychological line called Transactional Analysis. I was amazed at how easy it seemed and how it helped to become aware of everyday things as if it were simple. I told her about it and proposed her to make a novel using Transactional Analysis as the axis, based on real cases, in the context of an integrative medicine practice that, above all, dealt with cases of overweight people.

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What message would you like to leave with the reader after reading your book?

There are times when it is not so difficult to change some things, the important thing is to realize that sometimes the impossible becomes possible and The N.A.P. Diet is a good tool to become aware of this.