What is important in the psychological treatment is the human being, his history, his problem and in this relationship the experience always adds up

An experience of more than 25 years and recognized prestige in private practice as a psychologist and director of the Clinical Psychology Office, continuous training and specialization in Clinical Psychology, with official title and European recognition Europsy, accredit Dr. Gloria Giménez, member of Top Doctors, as a psychotherapist of reference in the city of Barcelona.

Her professional career and training in General Clinical Psychology covers the specialties of psychology from the stages of childhood and adolescence to adulthood, reaching the so-called golden age in which she is a pioneer in the treatment of Antiaging psychology. Depression, obsessive disorders, anxiety and panic crises, personality and behavioral disorders are her specialties. Couple therapies and parenting guidelines are very requested treatments in her office, that is where experience always adds up.

Yes, experience makes the difference, and this is endorsed by the majority of our former patients discharged year after year who have resumed their lives with fullness. We are proud that our patients recommend us, they are the guarantee of success and efficiency in our therapies. We can and know how to help you to improve your life.

Yes, specialized continuing education and experience always add up.

An innovator in Health Psychology and pioneer in brief psychotherapy, she has been a member of the board of directors of various societies of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Barcelona, organizing specialized conferences on the intervention of the psychologist in various treatments in areas of medicine, so that prestigious doctors recommend her intervention.

Specialized doctors looking for EXCELLENCE recommend Gloria Giménez Psychology Cabinet, since the more than 6,000 treatments performed and resolved that endorse it confirm the success in their choice.

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The confidence, the experience, the formation of many years give the security to those who recommend us that they will obtain the best results.

He has shared his extensive experience and training with the formation of new psychologists who today are already part of the new recognized professionals, both in the areas of clinical practice and in the university. His training courses based on the know-how in psychology are daily required by new specialists.