What are the most consulted health topics in 2019?

These last 12 months have given a lot to talk and write about, and if not, just ask the members of Top Doctors. Among all the topics we have published, we have selected the most consulted articles and videos to find out what arouses the interest of our users.

  • This may be the first time you have heard of the Thymus, but it has been the most read topic on the Top Doctors website. It is an organ of the immune system located in the chest whose function is to mature T lymphocytes (cells in charge of cellular immunity). In the article, Dr. Jesús Alcaraz Rubio, explains its importance in Hematology.
  • Neurology is the second specialty to generate interest this year. The reason? To know when we should see a neurologist. Dr. Jesús Alcaraz Rubio answers this question. Tarradellas Bertran, who explains how a specialist in Neurology can help us, what treatments are performed and what have been the advances in this specialty.
  • In third place we find a pathology that affects the largest organ we have, the skin. This is perianal dermatitis, an inflammation of the skin around the anus causing itching, erosions, bleeding and redness. In the article, Dr. Victoria Delgado Díaz, a renowned proctologist with several awards behind her, explains what causes this ailment and when we should see a specialist.
  • And who does not have a scar somewhere on the body? Surely that is why we found this topic in the top 5 of the most read articles on the Top Doctors website in 2019. Dr. Salmerón Cerezuela explains why scars hurt, what causes them to appear and how we should treat them.
  • Finally, we close this list with an article that we already talked about in this section last year. Eventration: causes, symptoms and treatment, by Dr. David Costa Navarro. The specialist in General Surgery explains why this protrusion appears in the abdomen and how it should be treated.
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As for our Youtube channel, the most consulted topics have been from the Neurosurgery specialty (3 out of 5).

  • In first place we found a video on the reappearance of varicose veins. In it, Dr. Jaume Julià explains the reasons why this happens and the techniques currently available to treat them. If one thing is clear, he says, it is that nowadays no center can guarantee that varicose veins will be cured definitively.
  • In second place is a video by Dr. Sajonia Coburgo, a specialist in proctology, on the results of laser surgery.
  • The third most viewed topic in our channel is related to lumbar canal stenosis. Dr. Pedro Mata González, a leading neurosurgeon, explains what this pathology consists of and what causes it.
  • The fourth video in this list also deals with neurosurgery. In this case it is Dr. Sola Martínez who explains when a lumbar disc herniation should be operated on.
  • Finally, in the last video, Dr. Villarejo Ortega explains the symptoms and treatments for both lumbar and cervical disc herniation.

We will see which are the topics that generate the most interest during 2020 🙂