Oftalvist, second private ophthalmology center with the best reputation in the Community of Madrid

Oftalvist is the second best private ophthalmology service in the Community of Madrid, according to data from the sixth edition of the Monitor de Reputación Sanitaria (MRS) prepared by the consulting firm Merco. This is recognition of the Oftalvist professionals and medical team who, for more than 10 years now, have been providing care at the HLA Universitario Moncloa Hospital, which has entered the “Top 10” private hospitals with the best reputation, according to the same study.

At national level, Oftalvist is ranked fifth in the MRS ranking as the best private ophthalmological service and fifteenth, also including the public ophthalmological services considered by this reputation index. Oftalvist’s National Medical Director, Dr. Pedro Tañá, said that “it is gratifying that a reference study in the healthcare sector highlights the experience of more than 30 years and the daily effort of our professionals. We will continue to work to maintain the trust of our patients, as well as our commitment to the latest technology”.

The Healthcare Reputation Monitor includes 3 other HLA Group hospitals in its ranking of the best private centers: HLA Vistahermosa, best hospital in Alicante; HLA El Ángel (Málaga); and HLA Jerez Puerta del Sur, which leads the ranking in the province of Cádiz. In all of them, Oftalvist is responsible for its ophthalmology medical-surgical service.

About Oftalvist, Ophthalmology Group

Oftalvist is an ophthalmological group dedicated to research, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases, as well as comprehensive vision care in more than 25 centers in eleven provinces of the country. Its medical staff is made up of more than 70 specialists of the highest level with a constant commitment to professional development and scientific learning in order to offer total safety in procedures and achieve high levels of perfection.

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In addition, Oftalvist has 18 surgical units distributed among the ophthalmology services of the HLA Group and IMED Hospitales, reference hospitals in our country.

Each year, more than 260,000 consultations and 23,000 surgeries are performed at Oftalvist centers.