Institut Marquès organizes erotic workshops for couples who want to become parents

The desire of wanting a pregnancy at all costs makes that, many times, the couple orients their sexual relations only in that, turning them into an act dominated by routine and monotony. It is then when sex becomes a chore, which is counterproductive, since, from a medical point of view, it is advisable to maintain an active, healthy and satisfactory sex life in order to increase the chances of pregnancy.

In this sense, Institut Marquès, an international center for Assisted Reproduction, member of Top Doctors, has made available to all couples who wish to become parents the possibility of attending innovative workshops consisting of eroticism and sex classes for couples seeking pregnancy.

Professional workshops with sexologists

The workshops are held at the Institut Marquès clinic. They have a duration of two hours and are taught by professionals from Sex Academy, a company specialized in Sexology, sex therapy and couple therapy. The sessions are open to everyone and it is only necessary to register at [email protected] and come as a couple.

Some of the techniques that are worked on are erotic massages, toys, games, fantasies, oral sex, etc. The objective is to offer “recipes” to the couple to connect with pleasure if pregnancy does not come, and thus recover the desire and sexual excitement in the couple.

There is less sexual intercourse when looking for a child

Until recently, it was considered that having sex on the days close to ovulation and taking folic acid to reduce the risk of alterations in the future baby was enough to achieve pregnancy. However, the medical community warns of the danger of becoming obsessed if it does not come, and that the couple loses the desire and frequency of their sexual relations.

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“Many women believe that they will get pregnant in the first month and, if they do not succeed, both they and their partners begin to generate anxiety, worsening the quality and quantity of intercourse. As their desire for pregnancy increases, couples have sex less frequently,” says Dr. López-Teijón, director of the Institut Marquès.

On average, men who are not seeking pregnancy ejaculate 3.2 times per week. This figure decreases to 2.6 ejaculations per week when they have been trying for a year, and drops to 1.2 when they have been trying for two years. “That’s why we doctors prescribe this workshop to couples in whom sex is becoming a chore. It has been proven that the degree of male sexual arousal directly influences semen quality. This also improves when the number of ejaculations is increased. It is evident that improving the quality and frequency of intercourse increases the probability of pregnancy,” adds Dr. López-Teijón.

Importance of sexual arousal in the Assisted Reproduction Process

Institut Marquès also values the importance of sexual arousal in Assisted Reproduction treatments. That is why it has implemented the Erotic Personal System (EPS) in all its clinics, turning its semen sample collection rooms into erotic and pleasant spaces. To help men feel comfortable and achieve maximum arousal, the rooms are totally soundproofed, sanitized, with suggestive decoration and a special ventilation system, where future parents can relax without interruptions or haste. Inside, the male can use silicone vagina-shaped masturbators and watch videos with a virtual reality system with special 360° glasses.