Top Farma and Shoppertec join forces to develop joint technology consulting services for pharmacies and laboratories

  • Top Farma, a Top Doctors group company, and the consulting firm Shoppertec are joining forces with the aim of enhancing the value of the pharmaceutical practice, and developing go to market technology and consulting services that help pharmacies and the industry to improve the patient’s knowledge and experience when interacting with the pharmacy and with brands.
  • 46% of Consumer Health shoppers in pharmacies received advice on their last visit to the pharmacy. Digitalization enables proactive and hyper-specialized advice, building loyalty and improving the customer relationship.
  • In addition, 72% think that their purchasing habits will change with the pandemic, which makes it more necessary than ever to know the patient, in an environment in which healthcare and technology take on special relevance.

Barcelona, October 06, 2020.- Top Farma, a company of the Top Doctors group specialized in the digital transformation of pharmacies, and the consulting firm Shoppertec have signed an agreement with the aim of enhancing the value of the pharmaceutical consultation and developing technological services that help pharmacies and the industry to anticipate the patient’s needs, through an active presence in the care process, that is, from the patient’s evaluation to the dispensing of the medication.

Thanks to this alliance, pharmacies that have ecommerce and digitalization services with Top Farma, will be able to obtain greater knowledge of the patient or pharmacy customer and their needs, in order to develop services to improve their experience in the pharmacy, help pharmacies to better manage the point of sale and optimize the go to market for laboratories. “The pharmacy must play the role of health promoter, for which digitalization is key. Technology provides fundamental information to be able to then proactively give advice to each customer or patient. Shoppertec’s know-how and specialization in the healthcare sector allows us to go a step further in the search for the technological services that pharmacies may need to build customer loyalty and optimize the management of their business,” explains Xavier Mercadé, Managing Director for Europe at Top Doctors.

For his part, Jose Antonio Andreu, Managing Partner of Shoppertec, assures that “we are in a process of radical change and transformation of our society, where the knowledge of the pharmacy and the patient play an increasingly important role, where technology allows us to take real advantage of the data to improve the experience of our customers (whether pharmacies or patients), to improve their experience and add value to the customer, to our companies and to society”.

Active presence of pharmacies in the patient care process, key to streamlining the healthcare system

The pandemic has highlighted the fundamental role that pharmacies play in the healthcare system and the need to focus on technology and digitalization in the sales process. In fact, in the worst moments of the COVID19 crisis, technology has been key for pharmacies to dispense products to their customers, and those with an online channel managed to multiply their year-on-year sales sevenfold in April.

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Customer loyalty is also a challenge for these services. According to a study by the consultancy Shoppertec, 46% of consumer health shoppers in pharmacies say they received advice on their last visit, especially from younger customers, “and it is in customer retention that pharmacies face a new challenge. Technology offers pharmacies the opportunity to increase pharmaceutical value both in dispensing the product and in offering hyper-specialized knowledge and advice, which leads to the possibility of customer loyalty,” says Mercadé. However, says Andreu, “there is still a great opportunity for pharmacies and laboratories to capitalize on technology to improve customer knowledge. While 68% of pharmacies report that they do not measure customer satisfaction, and only 18% of laboratories report that they do not monitor the voice of the customer, many do not monitor the voice of the pharmacy on an ongoing basis. The increase in online shopping and competition for pharmacies, coupled with the greater difficulty in capturing a young target, makes it more important than ever to know our customers and take advantage of technology and the physical and digital environment to attract them to the pharmacy, but above all to make them loyal”.

Top Doctors, through its company Top Farma, closes the cycle of healthcare care

Top Doctors, an expert company in technological services, offers pharmacists Top Farma, so that patients can complete their treatment needs within the same service cycle. To this end, it offers tools designed to help pharmacies recover pharmaceutical advice and respond to the new demands of today’s patients, through specialization in pharmacy, consultative value and active presence in the care process.

With a unique business model, Top Farma provides pharmacies with cutting-edge technological solutions, online presence and brand image, and patients with access to health products wherever and whenever they need them. The Intelligent Customer Manager allows to know the profile of patients, their pathologies or diseases and segment them to proactively communicate the information they may need in relation to a drug or treatment.

It also has a tool to improve adherence to treatment, so that the pharmacist or assistant at the time of dispensing the drug can explain in detail what it consists of, as well as give the best advice for their specific case, in a hyper-specialized way. In addition, after obtaining all this information, you will be able to consult the result with a medical specialist either from a mobile device or from the pharmacy’s own intelligent medical care point, eclinic.