IVF Marbella – Ceuta: Ceuta’s first baby girl is born

The first baby is born in Ceuta thanks to Assisted Reproduction Technology.

FIV Marbella-Ceuta has achieved the birth of the first baby from Ceuta through Assisted Reproduction. Last 2019, FIV Marbella opened its fifth clinic, this time in the city of Ceuta. The clinic is located in Paseo de la Marina Española, and put from the first day all its technology and experience to carry out the Ceuta inhabitants who need Assisted Reproduction treatments, achieving already a dozen pregnancies.

Enrique Criado, CEO of the FIV Marbella group, highlighted the “pride” of having been able to help a family to fulfill the dream of a family, and assured that the objective of FIV Marbella continues to be “to achieve the birth of more babies thanks to assisted reproduction treatments”.

FIV Marbella has five clinics throughout Spain, formed by a team of more than a hundred professionals in the world of fertility and assisted reproduction. The clinics have embryology, andrology and research laboratories, and more than a decade of experience recognized with various prizes and awards for innovation and medical development.

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