Dr. Mendoza: 50% of my citations are through Top Doctors


You are part of Top Doctors since 2016, can you tell us why you created a profile on our platform and how has been your step during all these years?

My experience is very positive, in fact, we, at the moment, have 50% of our citations through this platform. Top Doctors allows us to provide content in terms of the specialty that each doctor has and, logically, people, clients, patients, etc., look for this location because of the pathology they have. In this sense, Top Doctors allows, through its contents and its platform, to know what each of its doctors specializes in, whether it is surgery or internal medicine.

How has Top Doctors helped you in managing the digital transformation of the practice? What improvements have you noticed in the management of your practice thanks to Top Doctors?

What we have undoubtedly noticed is that the treatment is more personalized and direct, since the patient requests a consultation and opens an agenda in which there is: the location, the day with date and time, etc., so that later we, through our secretary, locate the patient and confirm the visit. We have been offered other competing platforms and, since 2016 that we are with Top Doctors, we have not chosen more than this one. And we’ve really been very satisfied.

Would you recommend Top Doctors to a fellow practitioner, why?

Yes, because I personally believe that in today’s optimization in a practice the IT tools cannot be abandoned, without forgetting the personal treatment. I think that the consultation, in addition to including information technology, always has to have a good personal relationship between the doctor and the patient.

How do you rate the Top Doctors online appointment service?

I value it as something very useful and that makes our work much easier, since on the one hand it makes us known to patients and on the other it puts them in contact with us, acting as an intermediary. In addition, we don’t lose contact with the patient at any time, even if they request an appointment through Top Doctors, which is a great success.

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In your Top Doctors profile you have published several articles and medical videos: How do you think the content generation offered by our platform influences your digital positioning?

Well, I would emphasize that the content is not aimed at specialists, but at knowledge that patients can understand and that allows them to understand how we can help them. All this in simple, rigorous language, but accessible to everyone. We doctors have this vice that when we talk about our patients or diseases we speak in technical terms. In Top Doctors, on the other hand, the language is simple and understandable for everyone and that is very positive for bringing positions closer to patients.

You also have many patient opinions on your Top Doctors profile: how important do you think reviews are in the digital environment?

The truth is that I was surprised because I am the traumatologist in Barcelona or Catalonia with the most opinions. I have 257 opinions. These opinions put me in my place every day. Medicine is a daily humility cure, where the client puts you in the place you have to be. Because quality is what you receive, but also what you perceive. We try to give this evaluation of opinions from the treatment of the practice, the treatment of the personnel, etc. We also have a way of acting that has taken us where it has taken us. That is why the large number of satisfactory opinions is so important.

What advice would you give to a specialist who still does not see the need to be on the Internet?

Well, they are totally on the wrong track because nowadays, when we are asked for consultations, it is basically on weekends. That is to say, people ask for appointments like when they are going to choose a trip, when they can look at it at their leisure, not when they are tired from work. Word of mouth still works, undoubtedly, but IT tools are a great help. For example, a video of mine has been seen by more than 20,000 people, which means that they are watching and following us. This is also very important because it allows us to have a constant control of our quality and from a very close point of view.