How to take care of the oncologic patient from Aesthetic Medicine

Tomorrow, Tuesday, February 4, is International Cancer Day, a disease that, according to the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology (SEOM), in 2019 would stand at 277,234 cases, 12% more than in 2015, when 247,771 cases were diagnosed.

We all know that cancer treatments are very aggressive and that the state of mind is key to the recovery of the cancer patient. But this is directly influenced by self-esteem. That is why, once the oncological treatment is over, patients can find relief from their emotional and physical discomfort in Aesthetic Medicine. When we look good, our self-esteem improves, and that will have an impact on our overall health. Dr. Natalia Ribé, specialist in Aesthetic Medicine and member of Top Doctors, performs a holistic approach with treatments, products and services of Psychology and Nutrition, specifically designed to take care of the patient at all times.

Holistic treatment for the oncology patient

Dr. Natalia Ribé’s practice believes in holistic patient care and 360° beauty, believing that image plays an essential role in the overall well-being of the patient. That is why the practice has aesthetic and cabin treatments to offer the oncology patient, but also has a psychology service, to provide the necessary support on an emotional level, and a nutrition service, with the aim of re-educating the patient if necessary in a healthy lifestyle.

How does Aesthetic Medicine help cancer patients?

At the Institut Dra. Natalia Ribé have highly qualified specialists, treatments and products to treat the oncology patient. As aesthetic doctors they will help to contribute to reduce the discomfort that these patients may have but it is very important to take into account the interpersonal variables of each patient, the type of tumor they have suffered and have good communication with other specialists (psychologist, oncologist …).

Immediate and non-immediate postoperative treatments

Some postoperative treatments can help the patient immediately. Thus, in patients who have undergone breast cancer, post-operative scar reduction should be performed immediately, when there is no more adjuvant medication. Doing so will improve the patient’s self-esteem and increase the chances of successful scar reduction, since the more time passes, the more difficult it is to remove the scar. However, it is important to note that this can be done in case of intralesional cortisone injections, topical treatments with silicone, compression… but not with laser treatments, since the heat effect could increase the patient’s immune response. There are also other treatments that can interfere with the coadjuvant medication of oncologic treatments, such as: echinacea therapy, turmeric therapy, goji berries, soy, etc.

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In patients with lymph node positive melanoma no treatment should be done until more than 5 years after the end of the oncological treatment. Otherwise, cutaneous stimulation may occur.

Some medical-aesthetic treatments that can be applied to cancer patients are:

What medical-aesthetic treatments can be applied on the oncology patient?

  • Medical Peeling & Bio facial revitalization. It is a combined therapy with very good results to illuminate the skin.
  • Botulinum toxin, with the objective of smoothing expression wrinkles in the skin.
  • Collagen inducers, to treat flaccidity.
  • Venus Legacy, treatment to improve the appearance of the skin.

Harmony, cabin facial treatment

Harmony is a facial technique that is performed in a cabin and is totally focused on caring for the skin of the cancer patient. It consists of revitalizing, relaxing and moisturizing the skin to return it to its natural state. Harmony restores and refreshes, producing energy and circulation.

The antioxidant products used, the essential vitamins and the penetration of moisturizing actives clarify and also increase the skin’s ability to recover, even after aggressive treatments such as chemotherapy, making it a perfect treatment for patients who have undergone cancer. Cosmeceuticals of botanical origin respect the balance of the skin, which is particularly sensitive at this time. Thus, fatigued skin will regain its radiance and look healthier.

How acupuncture can help the oncology patient

Acupuncture correlates positively with the reduction of vaso vagal symptoms, so its use is recommended during chemotherapy.

Nutrition service to promote a healthy lifestyle

Leading a healthy lifestyle is essential, especially in cancer prevention. It is important to note that after a first tumor, the chances of a second tumor appearing are 20%.

By healthy lifestyle we mean moderate physical exercise, not smoking, not drinking, taking care of one’s diet… This last point does not mean dieting but nourishing oneself. Most foods that are harmful to health have no nutritional value, so they are called “empty foods” (ready meals, fast food, carbonated beverages, industrial pastries…).

Psychotherapy service to help the patient open up emotionally

The cancer patient needs to open up emotionally. This means making a “good” mourning and properly manage the emotions generated by the disease. At Dr. Natalia Ribé’s Institute, Irene Giménez is in charge of accompanying the patient in the recovery process.

Beauty treatments for oncology patients

Finally, there are specific cosmetic lines and brands for the care of oncology patients, such as iS CLINICAL and Maria D’uol, on sale at the Institut Natalia Ribé.