Dr. Guillén Barona: I have recommended many colleagues to join Top Doctors, as I have seen its wide diffusion

You are part of Top Doctors since 2013, can you tell us why you created a profile in our platform and how has been your step during all these years?

I joined Top Doctors thanks to a great friend, Dr. Alex Camps. His friendship gave me confidence and I saw that it was a serious initiative with a future. During these years I have let myself be advised by the people who have my profile and I have been incorporating the services they advise me. I usually go hand in hand with professionals I trust and the experience has been good.

How has Top Doctors helped you in managing the digital transformation of your practice? What improvements have you noticed in the management of your practice thanks to Top Doctors?

In general, I see the digitalization of the practice as an important contribution. I have performed telemedicine and find your initiatives of great interest.

Would you recommend Top Doctors to a colleague? Why?

I have recommended many colleagues to join the platform, as I see its wide diffusion and, in my case, the good image it provides.

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How do you rate the Top Doctors online appointment service?

Although I personally do not keep appointments, my staff informs me of the facilities provided by online appointments.

In your Top Doctors profile you have published several articles and medical videos: How do you think the content generation offered by our platform influences your digital positioning?

In today’s search system, the information provided through videos and articles is well valued by patients and gives credibility to the person who publishes them.

We see that you have many patient opinions in your Top Doctors profile, what do they bring to it? Do you think it helps other patients decide to make an appointment with you?

Often, the opinions expressed by patients are the benchmark for those seeking a specialist. Not only do you have to try to work well, but the perception that patients should have after the visit should be satisfactory enough for them to express themselves publicly in a written opinion.

What advice would you give to a specialist who does not yet see the need to be on the Internet?

I think that few specialists today are unaware of the need to have a search system like Top Doctors. If we want to carry out private consultations, it is necessary to make our services known through the Internet.

You have our Telemedicine service active: Why did you decide to activate it and what are the results?

During the pandemic it was suggested to me to join this Telemedicine system and although I do not see it as ideal I have visited some patients.

What kind of consultations can be solved by telemedicine?

Problems that can be solved by means of an image and that do not require personal interaction or personal trust with the physician can be solved. In Dermatology, these can be many.