International Day of Persons with Disabilities

More than three million people with disabilities in Spain struggle every day for their full integration.

In our country, the main profile of a person with a disability is a woman between 45 and 54 years old, with osteoarticular disability, which is the most common in our society.

Despite this appreciation, there are multiple causes of disability or functional diversity, with which millions of people live around the world, and which influence their daily quality of life, as well as their access to training and work opportunities.

Social integration: the challenge for people with disabilities

The biggest obstacle for people with disabilities is social stigmatization. The groups of people with disabilities argue that it is important to change the mentality: people with disabilities are not sick and are no longer patients, but are people with a diversity that differentiates them from others and makes it difficult for them to perform the same activities under equal conditions.

Thus, the essential thing to demand on days like today is to continue moving towards an integrative society, which values diversity instead of avoiding or hiding it. The integration of people with disabilities in the labor and social life is a challenge to continue achieving day by day with the effort of all.