Top Doctors solves medical doubts in 2 minutes through an instant chat

  • Doctors from primary care and all specialties answer in 2 minutes and 24/7 any doubt of patients.
  • Top Doctors is the only company that through Telemedicine makes available to patients more than 2,000 first level specialists and for all medical insurances.
  • Given the rise of Telemedicine, Top Doctors continues to introduce new services such as electronic medical prescriptions and a platform for the exchange of medical documents to facilitate consultations between doctors and patients.

Barcelona, April 16, 2020.- Top Doctors continues to take steps to help improve the difficult situation being experienced by both the healthcare sector and patients, who continue to demand information on Covid-19, but also on other pathologies that require professional medical follow-up.

In this way, the company announced today its expansion of telemedicine services with the launch of 24-hour immediate consultation systems. In any patient can solve their medical doubts through an instant chat that primary care doctors and doctors from different specialties will answer in 2 minutes. In addition, patients have access to 2,000 of the best doctors in private medicine through Telemedicine and for all health insurances.

The company continues to invest in Telemedicine and, to facilitate the doctor-patient relationship, has introduced two new free services: electronic medical prescriptions and a platform for exchanging medical documents. These platforms will enable electronic prescriptions, which can be used directly at the pharmacy, as well as totally secure access to private and personal medical documents, providing encryption for all types of files in accordance with the latest GRPD security regulations for the transfer of medical information.

“We continue to receive, on the one hand, a large number of calls from doctors interested in telemedicine services to offer their clients and, on the other hand, from patients who are interested in not saturating the official telephones, but who are interested in being able to talk to our doctors through immediate remote consultation, and who do not know what to do or how to proceed,” explains Alberto Porciani, CEO of Top Doctors. “For this reason, we are investing heavily in the development of telemedicine infrastructures that will help the healthcare system to provide service to patients who need to resolve doubts about Covid-19 without neglecting to properly care for all those affected by other pathologies.”

The best specialists at the patient’s disposal

Immediate consultation, through App and website, is at the service of patients to solve their doubts instantly through the Top Doctors network of doctors, made up of more than 2,000 specialists, whether or not they have medical insurance. The specialties that will always be available online for immediate consultation are, on the one hand, general practitioners and family doctors, as well as pediatrics, for consultations related or not related to Covid-19 and, on the other hand, for urgent issues related to their own specialty, the areas of psychology, dermatology, traumatology, endocrinology, gynecology and urology. In addition to carrying out this technological implementation to all the medical centers adhered to the platform, the company will provide users with a team of specialists available 24/7.

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On the other hand, through the electronic medical prescription platform, the physician will be able to send the prescription to the patient and the patient will be able to pick up the medication at the pharmacy without any problem. This has become essential since the government has made public the need for a doctor’s prescription for the coronavirus test. Also, thanks to the medical record, patient and doctor will be able to securely share medical results, such as ultrasound scans and other tests.

Secure, regulated technology versus the use of chat rooms and other mass tools

The Telemedicine platform designed and developed by Top Doctors meets all the security and privacy requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and local regulations such as the LOPDD.

  • All conversations and content shared between doctor and patient are encrypted. They use the strongest encryption system developed with AES-256 keys.
  • Access through RSA encrypted password with OAEP padding for both patients and doctors.
  • All conversations are stored for 2 years and the information is hosted on European servers, all doubly encrypted by the application with AES-256 and by the storage provider.
  • Secure online payment prior to consultation, dispensing with the exchange of doctor-patient bank details for transfers.
  • Electronic medical prescription that complies with strict Spanish regulations so that the doctor can send the prescription to the patient and the patient can pick up the medication at the pharmacy without any problem.
  • Medical document exchange platform, a secure and encrypted drive where doctor and patient can upload any type of medical test or report securely and in a controlled environment without the use of email.

Faced with the impossibility of accessing regulated telemedicine services, many professionals resort to instant communication tools that everyone uses on a regular basis or to the exchange of medical documents via e-mail, which are not suitable for the processing of medical data and do not comply with the relevant regulations. “It is very important that, in this type of crisis situation, where the difficulty of maintaining security can increase, where cases of fraud and attempts at access by cybercriminals can also increase, the right tools are used, those that give patients guarantees that their information will be handled according to the encryption and data retention policies that apply nationally and internationally,” says Porciani.

The objective of Top Doctors is to continue offering services to help the health system during the crisis generated by COVID-19 and the new situation of normality afterwards, so that patients can solve their medical doubts avoiding travel and offering secure and encrypted technology to the best medical specialists.