Getting healthy and moving again!

The way we move directly influences how we are going to live our daily lives, a fact that causes very important consequences in the musculature and joints, which can end up causing pain or disability.


We all move differently, and there is no right or wrong way to move. Failures in muscle recruitment and use of the joint systems can cause problems that will need to be identified and addressed to fully resolve a pathology.

This is where the movement professional must make a good diagnosis of the deficiencies or imbalances, and then act on them through exercise programs, specific for each person and each musculo-articular situation, leading to a definitive resolution of pain and mechanical dysfunctions.

Manual Therapy and Therapeutic Exercise Combination

At the Pold Institute we combine the manual therapy of the Pold Method with Personalized Therapeutic Exercise. The aim of a therapeutic exercise program is to offer you a complete and lasting solution after the pain has been reduced with manual therapy. The very specific physical exercise allows to start tissue regeneration processes through “mechanotransduction” that will renew the deteriorated tissues and allow functions that were lost with the passage of time and the pathologies suffered.

In the process of biomechanical analysis, we perform a detailed evaluation of your movement capabilities, from the point of view of coordination and strength, so that the exercise program is individual and appropriate to your needs.

We try to find the weak points and priority movement needs. Once we have an understanding of your capabilities, we will design your personalized exercise program. We work with individual and group sessions, using the Kinetic Control & The Performance Matrix systems that are used by clinics and amateur and professional sports clubs around the world.

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When can movement therapy be used?

Therapeutic exercise or, in other words, movement therapy can be used at different times or situations in life:

  • Post-rehabilitation Recovery.
  • Optimal Movement Recovery and Retraining.
  • Musculo-Articular Recovery.
  • Return to Sport.
  • Initiation to physical activity in sedentary people.
  • Maintenance and Injury Prevention.
  • Physical Preparation for a better amateur or even professional sports performance.
  • To perform better in specific sports (Running, Cycling, Triathlon, Dance, Swimming, Soccer, Rowing, Tracking, Skiing, Golf…).

The best way to keep your brain young is to stay physically active. Simple exercise strategies can help more than you might think.

The Pold Institute’s therapeutic exercise unit is led by physiotherapist Pablo Marinho, a specialist and educator with Movement Performance Solutions Ltd, and a teacher of the Kinetic Control system worldwide for the past 10 years. His work has focused on patients and athletes (amateur and professional), as well as supporting physical trainers in a wide variety of sports.