5 steps to definitive tooth whitening

Tooth whitening is one of the star treatments in dental aesthetics, since it uses specialized techniques of the latest technology to permanently lighten the color of the teeth. Undoubtedly, the smile is an essential part of our image and inevitably provides a lot of information in a first impression.

Faced with the different options and advice available on the Internet, many people are interested in achieving the perfect dental whitening: effective, long-lasting and without risk to the health of their teeth. Here are 5 keys to keep in mind to get the whitest, most natural and beautiful teeth:

1. Choose a dental clinic with experience and the latest technology.

To ensure that we have the most advanced, effective and proven treatments, it is best to always bet on a professional Dental Clinic, trustworthy and with an experienced medical team that knows how to convey what techniques will be used.

At Clínica Puyuelo we perform dental whitening with a state-of-the-art LED lamp corresponding to the leading brand in the world market. With this machine teeth whitening is achieved in up to 8 tones and in just one session. With this latest technology the patient hardly suffers sensitivity and there is no dental dehydration. It also has a system of absolute isolation of the soft tissues.

2. Avoid home or drugstore whitening products

Whitening toothpastes or mouthwashes hardly have any effect on the color of the teeth, since the time that their active ingredients remain in contact with the tooth enamel is insufficient.

On the other hand, whitening products sold in pharmacies do not usually have great results either, since the whitening product is in too low a concentration.

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It is much safer and more effective for whitening to be supervised by a dental specialist to achieve the best and longest lasting result in a single treatment.

3. The natural smile is the most attractive

We must not forget the naturalness, and many patients are looking for a whitening that involves a radical change, like the teeth of Hollywood stars. But we always advise to go for a natural shade, avoiding the pure white. However, thanks to our personalized attention, we adapt the treatment to the preferences of each patient.

The results of whitening will also depend on the natural color of the teeth of each patient, as well as the difficulty of removing stains. Thanks to our advanced dental hygiene system, we are able to eliminate all stains in most cases, and once this phase is finished, we can move on to the teeth whitening method.

4. Diet is also important

To maintain the results of teeth whitening for longer, it is important to take care of the diet, avoiding certain foods that stain the teeth such as red wine, black tea or coffee. It is also recommended to limit the consumption of foods with a strong coloring such as red fruits or those with a high citric acid content such as lemon or grapefruit.

5. Tobacco: the enemy of teeth whitening

It is always advisable to stop smoking for health reasons, but smoking is also one of the greatest threats to tooth color. Quitting smoking will increase the effectiveness of the treatment and will prevent yellowing of the teeth after the treatment.