How to get rid of eyestrain

Presbyopia, better known as eyestrain, is the difficulty in seeing up close that occurs due to an aging process of the crystalline lens that manifests itself after the age of 40.

Causes of presbyopia or eyestrain

Presbyopia appears with age as the lens loses its ability to accommodate, making it difficult to focus on close objects.

Treatment of presbyopia or eyestrain

The treatment of presbyopia must be individualized and depends on the needs of each patient.

It can be corrected with the use of glasses, and by surgery, a technique that allows independence of contact lenses.

Currently, this is the operation that I perform most frequently, as it is the most demanded by patients. The excellent results obtained (as a result of the improvement of the technique and intraocular lenses) and the fast recovery mean that more and more patients are coming to our office every day asking for a solution to their problem of eyestrain.

Patients with eyestrain are in a very active phase of life and do not want to have the discomfort of wearing glasses all the time. They want to work and perform their social and leisure activities without depending on contact lenses.

Presbyopia or eyestrain surgery

Presbyopia surgery involves several techniques, such as:

  • IntraLasik, corneal laser surgery for presbyopia.
  • Surgery to exchange the crystalline lens for an extended focus or trifocal intraocular lens. This technique has proven to be effective and safe, with definitive results in the treatment of presbyopia and cataracts, presenting a great improvement in the quality of life of the operated patients. The vision with this type of lenses is as close as possible to the vision in youth.
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The choice of surgical technique depends on the age of the patient, the refractive defect and the state of the crystalline lens.

In both techniques the surgery is ambulatory, painless, with topical anesthesia through drops, and with rapid recovery of visual acuity.

Postoperative period for presbyopia or eyestrain surgery

The postoperative period consists of the use of antibiotic and anti-inflammatory drops for several weeks. The discomfort is minimal, being able to lead a normal life with immediate reincorporation to daily activities.

These techniques can additionally correct other refractive defects present, such as myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism, obtaining a high visual quality and sharpness in distance, intermediate and near vision independently of the use of glasses and improving the quality of life of patients.

For more information consult your ophthalmologist.