The solution to baldness: body hair transplantation

The body hair transplant, also known as Body Hair Transplant (BHT) is a treatment in which body hair is extracted from areas such as chest, arms or beard to implant it in the head. In this way, baldness problems are solved.

This method of hair transplantation is recommended especially for patients with extensive alopecia. At Meyer & Alcaide Dermatología Capilar we are specialists in transplant treatments and we can help men with their alopecia problems. Body hair transplant is the ideal technique for patients with little hair due to insufficient follicular units, as this makes extraction in the donor area complex. It is also a complementary treatment to the FUE technique, which gives greater thickness to the hair.

What does the technique of body hair transplantation consist of?

First of all, it is necessary that a specialist performs a previous evaluation of the patient’s hair. Once this examination has been carried out, the most appropriate system to perform the hair transplant will be determined.

In this sense, body hair transplantation is the ideal technique when, in some cases, the donor area is not sufficient to cover the alopecia. For this, it is analyzed that the body hair of the candidate area is compatible, since depending on the area of the body and each person, the hair may not have the necessary characteristics.

The most effective follicular units of the body are those of the beard, as this is the type of hair we have that is most similar to that of the head. However, the maximum number of follicular units recommended for extraction is 800.

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Body hair grafting results

Hair grafting is a surgery that allows the reconstruction of hair with various benefits for the patient. The result is perfectly visible to the naked eye. In addition, at Clínica Meyer & Alcaide we have a team of first class professionals who will help you achieve the most natural and perfect results possible.

Likewise, we provide post-operative follow-up so that you do not have any problems after the transplant. In addition, it is also possible to have the first wash after the hair transplant in the same center.

Tips for a positive hair transplant evolution

  • Protect the recipient area in the days following the operation as much as possible.
  • Elevate the head when sleeping with the use of a travel pillow and keeping the posture face up.
  • Avoid rubbing or bumps in the graft area.
  • Wash with a specific shampoo and be very careful the first week.
  • Avoid rubbing the area or showering with a lot of pressure.
  • Massage the transplanted area to avoid crusting during the second week.
  • Protect the area from the sun to avoid scalp burns.
  • Reduce sports activities.
  • Do not wear helmets or hats.

Following the indications of our specialists in hair grafting in Malaga, the results will be very natural. If you wish to find a solution to your alopecia problems, come to the Meyer & Alcaide Hair Dermatology Clinic and we will be able to resolve all your doubts in a personalized manner.