Breast augmentation step by step

Breast augmentation is one of the most performed aesthetic operations worldwide. As in any other kind of intervention, it is important to have all the considerations clear and to consult with the specialist any doubt we may have.

Likewise, it is important to remember that, as in any surgical procedure, there are a series of risks.

Steps to follow before the operation

  • The patient will choose the type of prosthesis and the weight, with the help of the doctor specialized in Plastic Surgery. There are different prosthesis models, shapes and weights, so it is important to have a global idea. In addition, the shape of the body and natural breast should be taken into account, in order to choose the most suitable prosthesis.
  • Safe procedure. Before the intervention, the patient will undergo a medical examination to ensure that she is healthy. A breast examination will also be performed, since this is the area that will be operated on, helping to avoid any possible unforeseen events after and during the intervention.
  • In the consultation, the specialist will clarify everything that the patient may do prior to the intervention (regarding wearing jewelry, smoking, taking certain medications, etc.).

The postoperative period

In the postoperative period it is essential to follow all the instructions that the specialist indicates, to avoid any complication and to have the best possible result.

It is very important that the patient rests adequately to have a good recovery. It is advisable to have the house clean before the operation, with all the chores done, to avoid any unnecessary effort after surgery.

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Finally, remember that it is normal for the area to look swollen after the operation. The desired appearance will not yet be seen, since the prostheses take some time to settle. The patient must be patient.

For any other information about breast augmentation, please contact Dr. Sergio Morral.