Receiving eggs from the partner, what does the process consist of?

What does the ROPA method consist of?

It is a method that allows sharing motherhood between two women, since one of them provides the eggs and the other the uterus, where the gestation will take place. The acronym stands for “Partner Egg Reception”.

Are there any requirements for women who want to opt for this treatment?

The general requirements that are demanded to undergo an assisted reproduction technique are in relation to the state of health and to be married.

What kind of controls or examinations are performed throughout the process?

The same as in any process of in vitro fertilization in Assisted Reproduction, since this method is only a variant of it.

Can it involve any kind of risk?

The risk involved in in vitro fertilization, especially in the woman who provides the eggs, who is the one who undergoes ovarian stimulation and puncture of the ovaries to obtain the eggs.

How effective is it?

The same as conventional in vitro fertilization. That is why it is recommended, as far as possible, that the woman who provides the eggs be the youngest, since the results depend fundamentally on the quality of the eggs, which is directly related to age.

In general, these comments reflect that it is actually an in vitro fertilization treatment, in which the first phase, ovulation stimulation and oocyte retrieval, is carried out in one woman, and the embryo transfer, after the eggs have been fertilized with sperm from an anonymous donor, is carried out in the other woman.

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Both women are considered parents, and that is why our Law allows this technique, despite the fact that there is gamete donation from one to the other.

The price in our Reproduction Unit can range between 4000 and 4500 euros.