Is there a treatment for buried penis

The pathology of the buried penis is very common as men get older or gain weight, with the consequence of an accumulation of infrapubic panniculus of fat that “buries” the penis or hides it. The end result is that the penis loses length significantly, and may even disappear.
This disorder has mainly emotional consequences, since patients usually suffer from low self-esteem and difficulties in maintaining sexual relations. In addition, they may often experience discomfort when urinating.

Treatments for “buried penis

One of the most advantageous techniques for this pathology is infraumbilical lipectomy, which allows complete removal of the bundle of fat that causes the penis to become buried.
In addition, this procedure can be performed at the same time a penis enlargement, to try to achieve maximum visualization to the outside.

This treatment does not involve great risks and most of the time very satisfactory results are achieved for the patient. It means a very important change of life, since the penis is externalized and they can recover their sexual and voiding life.

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