Get the smile you’ve always wanted

In Benalúa Dental Clinic can create a personalized and harmonious smile through its digital photography technique. The smile of a person is associated with the emotion of joy, so it is responsible for transmitting acceptance, confidence and affection. By transmitting so much in a small gesture, it is essential to ensure that our smile has personality and speaks for itself.

According to the WHO, 90% of diseases have a psychosomatic origin, so the way we channel stress and frustrations may or may not favor our health. For these reasons, lively people look more attractive, enjoy a better emotional balance and, in short, have better health.

Types of smiles

There are different types of smiles that you should know, since each one produces different effects:

  • Discriminate: smile that the fetus has, already in the mother’s womb.
  • Gioconda: smile in which the mouth smiles, but the eyes have a sad expression like the Mona Lisa. It is inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s “sfumato” technique.
  • Pan Am: smile with tense lips and not synchronized with respect to the mouth. It can produce rejection and helps to recognize when someone is lying.
  • Duchenne: it owes its name to the French doctor who studied it and consists of opening your mouth slightly, showing a little of your teeth, while squinting a little. This will allow you to feel smarter and more at ease with yourself.

Is it possible to have a perfect smile?

We have all always dreamed of having a perfect smile and now it is possible with Benalúa Dental Clinic. Its digital photography technique combined with a specific protocol. In this way, the best aesthetic and functional results are achieved.

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Once the chosen treatment has been studied and planned, a digital pre-design of the new esthetics of the patient’s smile is made. Then, the patient can suggest modifications and/or improvements, since he/she is involved in the treatment.