Laser Stain and Tattoo Removal

Dr. Javier Bassas, specialist in Dermatology, explains the most effective, fast and safe way to remove age or sun spots, as well as tattoos.

What does laser treatment consist of?

Laser treatment is very simple. If the area to be treated is small, no anesthesia is required, but if it is larger or the patient is very sensitive, a topical anesthetic can be applied in the form of a cream.

The results are spectacular, since in one or two sessions the stains are eliminated without a trace. Tattoos, which are more complicated, usually require eight to ten sessions.

The patient can resume normal activity immediately after the procedure, although, according to dermatology specialists, the treated area becomes more evident at first. The spots first acquire a purplish coloration, then turn brown and after about ten days disappear completely.

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