Learn more about rhinomodeling

It is a technique that is in increasing demand in our plastic surgery offices, says Dr. Salvador, a specialist in plastic surgery in Alicante. It is the use of fillers to reshape the nasal pyramid, therefore it is an outpatient technique and easy to perform in the doctor’s office. The most commonly used fillers are hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxyapatite or the patient’s own fat.

What is rhinomodelation?

The fillers are introduced by injection and the sites where they are usually deposited are the dorsum of the nose, glabella, columella and nasal wings.

Unlike rhinoplasty, surgery of the nose to obtain permanent changes, rhinomodeling, allows small changes temporarily. Depending on the product used, the result will last 12 – 18 months. After this period, the patient can either return to the same technique or decide to seek a permanent result by undergoing rhinoplasty.

Post-injection care

No special care is indicated. The patient can perform her usual activities upon leaving the consultation.

It is always advisable:

  • Avoid sleeping face down for a few days
  • Avoid wearing glasses resting on the filling areas so as not to displace it.
  • Do not massage or touch the nose the days after rhinoplasty.
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