What is teeth whitening?

What is teeth whitening?

It is a treatment that allows us to brighten the smile in a non-invasive way.

What types of whitening treatments are there and when are they applied?

We offer three types of whitening:

  1. Whitening with splints: it is performed using splints that include the whitening gel (carbamide peroxide).
  2. Whitening with cold light lamp: this technique is performed with cold light and a hydrogen peroxide gel. These gels oxygenate the surface of the enamel, so that it becomes more porous and thus the product penetrates better and lightens the shade of the tooth.
  3. Combined whitening (cold light + splints): this is the best technique, since the combination of the two makes it the most effective technique in prolonging the effects of whitening.

How do we decide on the best whitening?

First of all, we will perform an individualized study (of the shade of the tooth with photographs and of the sensitivity) to determine the color of the teeth and thus know in advance how many shades can be lightened.

It is not a painful treatment, since an individualized study of the sensitivity is made. Even so, it is possible that you may notice occasional sensitivity or feel discomfort at some point during the treatment, but do not worry, all our patients will be pre-treated with specific gels in addition to combining it with a toothpaste 3 weeks before starting the treatment.

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How is this treatment performed?

Normally we will start with outpatient treatment (splints) after performing the study we deem necessary to achieve the best results. After the estimated time of use of the splints, we will proceed to start the clinical sessions of cold light to reach the desired shade. All accompanied by photographic records for the patient to observe the result after treatment.