Facial rejuvenation: techniques with natural results

What is facial rejuvenation and what techniques can be used?

The concept of facial rejuvenation has changed in recent years. Nowadays what we are looking for is to restore the volumes, shapes and contours that have been lost over the years but always trying to achieve results with which the patient feels comfortable and recognizes herself as she was before. To do this we will use a series of surgical techniques more or less aggressive, more or less invasive depending on the result sought. In many occasions what we will do is a combination of them. For example, we have from simple fillers with materials such as hyaluronic acid, the patient’s own fat or placement of some tensor threads to more invasive techniques such as blepharoplasty, rejuvenation of the middle third, cervical, etc….

What are the results?

The results we get with this type of combined surgeries of more or less invasive are natural results, with which the patient recognizes herself, she does not look strange neither she nor the people around her. That is why the comments when they see her are “you look good”, “you are beautiful”, “you have changed your hairstyle”… but not “what surgery have you had”. With this we achieve that these patients do not refuse to undergo new plastic surgery treatments after a few months or years once the effects of the same have passed.

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At what age is it advisable to undergo this treatment?

Nowadays youth is not only considered a stage of life but a state of mind and mental state. Therefore all these elements have a place at any stage of life, as long as the patient has the need or believes that it may be good for him to improve his mood or mental state, a type of these treatments. Obviously, the younger the patient, the less aggressiveness will be necessary. The older the patient, the more aggressive they are.

Is it definitive or is it necessary to do reminder sessions?

Life is an evolutionary process, therefore all these treatments can never be definitive. Obviously, depending on the type of treatment, it will last longer or shorter, also depending on the aggressiveness of the treatment. This is a question that should be raised with the patient before any type of treatment is carried out, so that he/she is aware of the results obtained with the treatment.