Treatments to achieve a rejuvenated décolleté

The skin of the décolleté is very sensitive and during the summer suffers continuous aggression from the sun or regular humidity from beaches, swimming pools or simply sweating. On the other hand, habits such as sleeping on the side or face down promote the appearance of wrinkles in this area.

What can damage our décolleté?

The skin of the chest, the décolleté area, is thinner than in other areas of the body. Over the years it loses collagen, which leads to accelerated aging. It is also one of the areas that suffers the most from the aggression of the sun as soon as the good weather arrives, due to its high exposure. We do not adequately protect our décolleté, which contributes to skin aging with the appearance of wrinkles and spots.

Rejuvenating treatments for the décolleté

To treat the décolleté we have a range of treatments that, applied together or alone, will always depend on the needs of each patient.

Hyaluronic Acid

This substance is capable of attracting and retaining water, so it has a great capacity for hydration. The infiltrations of Hyaluronic Acid, a totally natural component since it is found in our organism, will provide our décolleté with freshness and juiciness.

Indiba Deep Care

This aesthetic medical treatment helps the cells in charge of generating collagen to rejuvenate and reactivate their function. It allows us to improve the quality of the skin, effectively fighting wrinkles and restoring vitality to the skin in this area. It is a radiofrequency treatment totally safe for our health and can be applied as many times as necessary.

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Tensor Threads

Thread Tensors achieve fantastic results by eliminating wrinkles in the décolleté. At the end of the session the skin of the treated area is firmer and stronger, with a very natural and healthy appearance.

Laser Plasma Technology

With this treatment we stimulate the skin’s natural repair system. In this way, we eliminate skin blemishes, while promoting the formation of new collagen and elastin fibers, which allow us to reduce wrinkles and reinforce the smoothness of the skin.