Earfold technique to remove protruding ears

The protruding ears is a particularity that is present in a great number of people. To be more specific, it is a feature that can be observed in 5% of the population and, for many of them, it is a problem that affects their quality of life: they live with complexes and end up causing insecurity and loss of self-esteem. Dr. Blanch, a renowned specialist in Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, offers details on how to treat and reduce the size of the ears.

Why does ear protrusion occur?

The prominence of the ears or protruding ears occurs because the cartilage that joins the neck with the ear is larger than normal, the antihelix fold is not appreciated, and causes them to separate from the neck. Thus, the ears become more visible and become a stigma.

Allergan’s “Listen to your ears” study, based on 450 surveys of people with these characteristics and their relatives, reveals that 8 out of 10 think that “protruding” ears can be a source of ridicule or humiliating comments. More than half admit to having been teased about the size of their ears. In addition, the majority believe that teasing is harsher and more frequent during childhood. Therefore, the problem of “protruding ears” considerably affects a person’s day-to-day life, even more so when they are a child and do not have the appropriate defense tools.

Is there a solution to protruding ears? Earfold technique

Now, with the Earfold technique, a small outpatient plastic and cosmetic surgery procedure, with local anesthesia, simple and lasting only a few minutes, effectively solves protruding ears. In addition, recovery is immediate and the small discomfort that may appear is resolved with a simple analgesic. No postoperative period is necessary and, after the insertion of the implant, the patient can return to normal life immediately. At most the patient will notice some swelling and bruising.

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From the age of 7, people with “protruding ears” can resort to a permanent solution with immediate and predictable results. Medical studies prove it: the average distance of the ear from the outer edge of the headline is reduced by 37%.

Only a small group of plastic surgeons in Spain use the Earfold titanium and nickel implant technique to solve this problem. It should be noted that the treatment is reversible: it is designed so that the implant is definitive, but it is also true that with a simple procedure it can be removed.

Who is the Earfold technique for?

The Earfold treatment is appropriate for those people who are afraid to undergo surgery, who have doubts, but wish to correct their prominent ears with a simple and minimally invasive technique.

In any case, if the patient has prominent ears and wishes to correct them, it is advisable to make an appointment with a qualified and specialized plastic surgeon. His or her diagnosis will be accurate and precise.