Adolescent Gynecology Unit

What is the importance of bringing adolescents to the consultation?

More and more mothers ask us in the Gynecology office when they have to take their daughter to the gynecologist for her first check-up. Actually, a girl has to come to the gynecologist’s office when she starts having sex and obviously before that if she has any kind of problem with her period.

We have created the Adolescent Gynecology Unit basically for different things: first, to be able to inform girls about healthy sexuality, how they can start having sex, when they should have sex, which contraceptive method is the right one, how to prevent pregnancy, but, much more important nowadays, to prevent sexually transmitted diseases, HPV infection, all the diseases that can be transmitted by poorly protected sex.

What are the main problems?

One of the main reasons why girls come to the office, adolescent girls come to the office, is because of menstrual disorders. Either irregular periods, periods that do not come every month, or that in one month they spot several times, a period of time without a period, more than two or three months, bleeding with the period, very abundant periods, that leave them very tired, very upset.

Problems of androgenism, hair problems, acne, is another reason that we also have to look for. Delays or advancement of puberty, menarche, a first period that comes early or takes a long time to come.

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We have to look for alterations that are producing it. That is why this same unit is linked to other specialties such as Pediatrics, Endocrinology, Neurology, because there are many alterations related to the female menstrual cycle that have other implications with other pathologies: thyroid, diabetes, why not?

Other reasons for which the patient may come for consultation are due to alterations in breast development, either by excess or defect, asymmetries, vulvar pathology, infections and abdominal pain, for which a gynecological reason must be sought.

In our EGOM Group we know that adolescence is the most important time for an adolescent to establish healthy sexual and lifestyle habits. For this reason, we have created this unit, in order to provide information, to give recommendations and to follow up throughout their adolescence and their arrival to maturity.