Corrects protruding ears in 20 minutes

The prominent Dr. Granado Tiagonce is a specialist in General Surgery and Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery. With more than two decades of experience, he has trained internationally and is Head of the Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Unit of the Nisa Pardo de Aravaca Hospital.

The Earfold is a technique used to correct the frequent deformity of the ears, known as protruding ears. At Clinica Granado Tiagonce it is one of the most successful non-surgical facial treatments.

What is the Earfold procedure like?

In many cases, patients from outside Madrid come to ClĂ­nica Granado Tiagonce who, after sending some pictures by whatsapp, come to undergo the treatment.

Before the treatment they see a simulation, which allows them to see the results before the treatment, by placing the implants on the outside of the ears.

If the patient likes the result, the process of placing the implants inside the ears begins, using local anesthesia and lasting about 20 minutes. In the vast majority of cases (90%), it is sufficient to place one implant per ear.

The technique requires a minimal incision, which will be closed with one or two stitches, with minimal risks. The device is inserted under the skin and, once it is in place, the patient will integrate it, without noticing anything or suffering any discomfort.

It should be noted that this is a reversible treatment, so if the patient wishes to recover the original position of his ears, he can.

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What are the differences between Earfold and otoplasty?

Previously the only technique that existed was otoplasty. As it is a surgical technique, it requires an operating room, in addition to an anesthetic procedure (including general anesthesia). The procedure lasts an hour and a half.

Nowadays, whenever possible, a less invasive alternative is available. Earfold can be performed in the office, in a treatment room, avoiding the need to go to a hospital. Moreover, it is always performed under local anesthesia and much faster.

What is the postoperative period after Earfold?

Another advantage of this technique is that it does not require any postoperative treatment. Once the procedure is finished, the patient can go home without any noticeable external marks.

For more information about the Earfold technique contact a specialist in plastic surgery.