Lingual Orthodontics, the alternative to correct your teeth without giving up your smile

The fact of using orthodontics in adulthood is no longer a problem. Lingual orthodontics allows you to correct your smile and malocclusion invisibly, by placing the brackets on the inside of your teeth.

Lingual orthodontics: what is it?

Lingual orthodontics is a system that allows the teeth to be corrected without the brackets being visible, as they are placed on the inside of the teeth so that they are hidden. Among the fixed techniques, it is the only truly invisible orthodontics.

Effectiveness of lingual orthodontics

Lingual orthodontics corrects the same problems as conventional orthodontics. Despite being a more complex system, it has the advantage that the appliance is custom-made for each patient, taking into account their individual characteristics and according to a specific treatment plan previously designed by the orthodontist and dental expert, and agreed with the patient. This allows a more agile and efficient work.

Advantages of lingual orthodontics

In addition, lingual orthodontics offers other advantages: more precision and better control of movement than other orthodontic systems, it does not interfere with the patient’s esthetics or social life, and it reduces the risk of decalcification of the enamel in adolescents.

Is there an age limit for orthodontic treatment?

Contrary to what some people think, it is never too late to have orthodontics, only good health conditions of teeth and gums are required. More and more adults are requesting orthodontic treatment, not only to improve the esthetics of their smile, but also as part of a multidisciplinary treatment; for example, prior to the placement of implants to allow a correct placement of the implants, or the placement of veneers to perform minimally invasive treatments and improve the esthetic results. Correct alignment also facilitates daily hygiene, helping to prevent gum problems.

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In short, lingual orthodontics offers a treatment option that is truly discreet, effective and adapted to the needs of each individual, and every day more and more adolescents and adults are benefiting from its advantages.