Before and after dental esthetics

A male patient has come to Dr. Jennifer Gutierrez Otero’s office to improve his dental esthetics. We show you step by step the procedure.

1. A lack of space is detected in the lower arch, which also hinders the patient’s oral hygiene.

2. There is a doubt between extracting the lower incisor, placed inwards, or aligning the teeth by orthodontic treatment, but finally, it is decided to keep the lower incisor and rehabilitate the four incisors with porcelain veneers.

3. Once the space issue is resolved and a retention is placed. With this, the lower incisor is completely aligned with respect to the adjacent teeth.

4. For the preparation of the porcelain veneers, the aspect of each tooth, its color, the position in relation to the other teeth and to the lips, etc. are studied.

5. Before placing the prepared veneers, it is usually necessary to remove a small layer of tooth enamel so that the veneer can be permanently bonded. In this first session, the patient is fitted with temporary resin veneers.

6. The patient returns to have the four final porcelain veneers placed on the lower incisors.

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