The importance of the medicalization of dentistry

The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic has made it necessary to improve all healthcare protocols to prevent and guarantee the confidence and peace of mind of patients, as well as to increase the efficacy and quality of treatments.

Thus, the arrival of COVID-19 has implied a change in many professional activities, which have had to change and adapt to the new circumstances and social relations.

In the case of dentistry, this was no exception. For several weeks, dental activities were paralyzed to prepare for their return with new preventive health protocols, in order to preserve people’s health.

However, it must be said that dental clinics, like all health establishments, are always equipped with preventive sanitary measures against contagion. At Clínica Bustillo, where surgical protocols are present due to its activity in dental implants and oral surgery, all safety measures are in place.

In this line, COVID-19 has taught us to go deeper into the medical aspects of the profession. On the one hand, the clinics must be able to meet the needs of the patient in any situation, and for this the facilities, equipment and professional staff are necessary to achieve the best degree of medicalization of the service.

The facilities

The reception and waiting areas should be separated, to avoid a concentration of people and to provide more comfort to patients. In fact, it is advisable to have several waiting rooms.

The treatment areas at Clínica Bustillo are divided into different circuits. On the one hand, there are the dental offices, and on the other, the operating rooms. Different specific access, cleaning and sterilization protocols are used in each of these areas, and they do not communicate with each other.

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It is also important that the practice has the necessary equipment to be able to diagnose and treat each case in the shortest possible time. In this way, patients will spend as little time as possible in the center, and frequent visits are avoided.

In this line, advances in technology make it easier for this work to be performed aseptically and almost always on the same day. Digital dentistry and surgery are also important when working with other professionals, such as laboratories, supply companies or prosthetists.

In addition, the clinic must have approved protective equipment for medical practice, as well as to follow guidelines and standards for instrument handling.

Finally, quality materials must be used, as these are important for the safety of the treatment and to avoid possible complications later on.

Professional training

The months of the pandemic have accustomed us to observing healthcare professionals working under high-pressure conditions. These conditions have revealed the importance of healthcare professionals being very well organized.

At the same time, advances in medicine and technology require professionals to be constantly updated and trained. At Clínica Bustillo we have a multidisciplinary team of highly qualified professionals to perform multiple treatments: dental implants, bone regeneration, dental aesthetics, oral and maxillofacial surgery…

It is necessary to work with qualified personnel to meet the demands of modern dentistry. In turn, cleanliness, asepsis and medical protocols are fundamental and are part of every day.

In summary, at Clínica Bustillo we are aware that improving our medical aspects leads to a better wellbeing for the patient.