Middle ear surgery for otitis or hearing loss problems

The middle ear operation is performed in the tympanic cavities and is intended to solve problems of otitis, perforations or some types of hearing loss.

When it is performed on children, it can be done through a small incision behind the ear or it can be done entirely using the ear canal, without the need for scars.

Middle ear surgery for chronic otitis

It is used to treat chronic otitis. It is also commonly performed to solve hearing problems due to poor transmission of sound due to a problem in the ossicles. The most common example is otosclerosis.

Risks of middle ear surgery

It is a safe procedure with a high success rate. However, the objective of the surgery must be explained to the patient.

Middle ear surgery lasts less than two hours in most cases. Sometimes it only lasts 30 minutes. They are also very grateful for the difference it makes in the quality of life of patients.

Postoperative period after middle ear surgery

The surgeries can be performed in what is called Ambulatory Surgery, with more than 80% of patients spending no more than seven or eight hours in the hospital. Occasionally patients may stay overnight in the hospital.

Resumption of daily activities rarely lasts longer than a week.

Care after middle ear surgery

After this surgery it is important to follow the recommendations of the ENT specialist on when to resume physical activity, when it will be possible to wet the ear or even take a plane, as these are situations that may affect the outcome of the surgery.