Otoplasty without scars or second surgeries

Otoplasty is a type of plastic surgery in which the ears are reshaped. The scars are invisible, and the results are permanent. Dr. Emilio Cabrera, plastic surgeon in Cordoba, offers you a clinic specialized in Facial Plastic Surgery and Ear Pinning.

The objective of otoplasty, the operation to correct ‘protruding ears’, is to resolve all the alterations of the fold of the ear that may have occurred during the baby’s gestation period. This congenital malformation is one of the most frequent and, although in principle it is only an aesthetic problem, there are many people who decide to change the appearance of their ears to be more comfortable with their physical appearance.

The remodeling of the ear cartilage will be performed using the Chongchet technique, named after the British surgeon who coined it. Otoplasty achieves highly natural and effective results, and very few cases will have to return to the operating room to undergo a second intervention.

Otoplasty leaves no visible scar.

To shape the ears, an incision is made in the back of the pinna, near the skull, so the resulting scar will be hidden and invisible to outsiders. The cartilage is then shaped and the usual folds of an ordinary ear are recreated through incisions.

For adults only local anesthesia is required in the area to be operated, while children are administered general anesthesia to sleep for the duration of the otoplasty. This procedure lasts less than two hours, and is usually performed more on men than on women.

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Postoperative period of otoplasty

The operated person must wear a postoperative bandage for a week, and it will be after two weeks that the ears will acquire a normal appearance. It is recommended not to make great physical efforts during the first four weeks after surgery.

It is advisable to visit the center periodically to check the results of the surgery during the first three months. From that moment on, no further action will be necessary, since the result will be definitive.