Mommy Makeover after Pregnancy: Restore the figure of the abdomen, chest and contour

Pregnancy and breastfeeding leave a mark that is difficult to recover with physical exercise, diets and cosmetics. Mommy Makeover groups surgeries aimed at restoring the pre-pregnancy figure, especially in the abdomen and chest, which can be performed in one session.

The most requested surgeries are:

  • Abdomen: correction of the cesarean scar, mini-abdominoplasty or complete abdominoplasty, associated or not with liposuction of other areas.
  • Chest: lifting (mastopexy), augmentation with prosthesis or augmentation with own fat, after liposuction.
  • Body contouring: may be affected by “stubborn” fat accumulation. Liposuction is a good technique to treat them.

After childbirth, it is recommended to wait at least six months, so that the hormonal balance is restored and the distended tissues settle down again. A good diet and physical activity are essential. In breastfeeding and breast surgery should wait three to six months after the end of lactation, as the mammary gland undergoes involution (decreases in size).

It is not advisable to perform surgery during cesarean section, since the abdominal tissues are in maximum expansion. It would be necessary to wait for them to recover their shape.

Two or more areas can be treated in the same intervention. Thus, abdominoplasty and breast surgery can be performed, or liposuction can also be associated.

The combination of surgeries reduces the operating room and postoperative time, in addition to reducing the recovery time. The patient will be resting for three weeks, maximum, if abdomen and breast surgery is performed, being able to return to normal life in a month.