Nanofat, the lipofilling technique that transcends fat filling

Classified within lipofilling, this facial technique uses more than just fat to deploy its wide range of benefits in the form of reduction of dark circles under the eyes, improvement of wrinkles on the face and décolleté and skin regeneration.

Cutaneous degeneration: wrinkles, dark circles, pigmentation, flaccidity? Combating these imperfections is the goal of cosmetic surgery, and of Nanofat. This technique consists of injecting stem cells from the patient’s own fatty tissue, but not from adipocytes. Nanofat makes it possible to successfully isolate these stem cells, which are ultimately responsible for tissue regeneration, and then inject them quickly, cleanly and effectively.

All fat deposits in the body are composed of a fat portion and a stromal portion made up of intercellular collagen, blood vessels, intercellular communication substances, hormones and a huge number of stem cells. In fact, the stromal material contains 500 times more stem cells than bone marrow, which means that its regenerative power is the highest in the human body.

Traditional lipofilling uses the fat portion, which also contains stem cells, although in much lower concentration. However, thanks to a new technology, Nanofat finally makes it possible to inject only the stromal material, which is much more powerful in terms of skin regeneration. It also facilitates a more precise and efficient transfer of stem cells, since the stromal fluid can be injected at cutaneous level. However, fat must be injected at the subcutaneous level. That is why Nanofat should not be considered a fat graft, as it transcends this term.

What does Nanofat consist of?

Nanofat must be performed by a surgeon, since it requires a surgical process.

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1 Liposuction. The surgeon must extract about 10 cubic centimeters of fat from the patient himself. This is usually done from the abdomen or inner thigh. It is such a small amount that the technique only requires local anesthesia.

2. Emulsion. Once extracted, the fat is emulsified through two syringes by passing the contents from one to the other, and then filtered through a special mesh to isolate the stromal portion.

3. Injection. This stromal portion is injected directly into the skin to produce a natural stimulation of the tissues.

What imperfections can I fix?

It is a good preventive technique and an excellent treatment for patients with a certain degree of cutaneous degeneration in the form of wrinkles, pigmentation, flaccidity…. In fact, it is the latter who see the clearest results. The areas that respond best are:

  • Facial, cervical and/or décolleté wrinkles.
  • Discoloration of dark circles under the eyes.
  • Revitalization and rejuvenation of the face.

Nanofat, results

The definitive results are observed 8 months after the intervention (the time it takes for the stem cells to stimulate the cutaneous tissues naturally) in the form of a general improvement of the skin: better tone, a more homogeneous color, a reduction of wrinkles… It is recommended to undergo this technique once a year. Nanofat can be combined with all kinds of facial treatments.