Skin Care Tips

There is no specific indication that establishes an optimal date to undergo surgery. Any seasonal period is suitable.

However, it is advisable to evaluate the patient’s possibilities of rest, since he/she will have to rest for a few days after the intervention. Contrary to popular belief, wound healing time does not depend on the weather, and complications that may arise will never be due to this condition.

Even so, there will be certain operations that will cause less discomfort depending on the time of the year in which it is performed. In the case of facial operations, it is important not to forget to take care of the scars and to provide adequate protection against the sun.

This process can take up to a year, so that even if the intervention is performed in winter during the first summer, the same care will also be needed as just operated.

What can I do if I undergo a skin peeling?

They are usually used for the treatment of acne, blemishes, scars, smooth wrinkles or flaccidity. For this, acids are used to destroy the most superficial layers of the skin to eliminate imperfections and stimulate the formation of collagen, achieving a thinner and smoother skin.

There are different types of acids, although one of the most effective and that offers the best results is phenol. The exfoliation can last up to 48 hours.

Skin care is a daily task

It is advisable to perform this treatment at least twice a year, since the skin is a living tissue in constant change.

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We must maintain its care on a daily basis. There is no need to resort to expensive facial creams, it is a matter of constant care. That’s why you should use sunscreen in summer and winter and have a cosmetic treatment from time to time.