FUE hair transplant technique: The most reliable and long lasting alopecia solution

Hair loss is a frequent problem in men, although in recent years the number of women has increased notably. As Dr. Asensi Bertomeu, a specialist in the field of hair implantation, explains, the FUE technique manages to extract the follicles individually without damaging them and at the same time, implant them in a quick and precise gesture.

What effects can hair loss have on our health?

Those who suffer from hair loss experience personal dissatisfaction that leads to insecurity, bad mood and a long list of symptoms that represent an emotional problem. Faced with this problem, the hair implant or hair graft is presented as the most reliable and lasting alternative. Its techniques have advanced and perfected and today they are able to give a smile back to people suffering from this disease.

What is the FUE Method?

The “FUE” method, Follicular Unit Extraction, is a technique with which the follicular units are extracted, one by one, to implant them in the depopulated areas of the scalp. It is considered the most advanced hair transplant technique in existence and the one that offers the most natural results. Its applications even include eyebrow reconstruction, scar concealment, etc.

Using the FUE technique, follicular units are extracted, from one to four hairs in whole perifollicular structures, including the capillary vessels, the erector muscle and the sebaceous glands. In the implantation process the follicular unit penetrates the scalp at the angle and depth necessary for the follicle to grow naturally.

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Specialists in aesthetic medicine emphasize that among the advantages of this technique we can highlight that in addition to achieving more natural results, the intervention is performed under local anesthesia, it is not painful and the patient can return to normal activity immediately. In addition, it is a non-invasive method and does not leave sutures.