Facial mesotherapy: preventive treatment and reduction of facial wrinkles

There are many people who, over the years, opt for aesthetic medicine treatments to improve the appearance of their skin in order to reduce wrinkles and imperfections.

Facial mesotherapy is one of the most widely used medical treatments based on the introduction of active substances by means of microinjections into the skin to moisturize, tighten and recover skin atrophy. This procedure is indicated for dull, tired skin, with lesions caused by excessive sun exposure, flaccidity and small superficial wrinkles. The most favorable areas for the use of facial mesotherapy to increase the quality, thickness and luminosity of the skin are the face, neck and décolleté.

What does the microinjection technique consist of?

The puncture technique can be manual or by means of a sophisticated mechanized system that accurately determines the depth, quantity of substance to be injected per puncture and puncture speed. In this way, a large number of punctures are made in an absolutely painless way ensuring minimum marking and maximum precision. The substances applied are able to restore the physiological functions of the skin cells and recover the components of the extracellular matrix, which are lost over time and restore skin elasticity.

What are the effects of facial mesotherapy?

With microinjections we obtain two effects:
– Pharmacological type: moisturizing the skin with non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid, that is, when the molecules are not intertwined with each other and can circulate free, infiltrating the skin.
– Reflex type, due to the large number of microinjections that stimulate the fibroblast and manufactures collagen and elastin.

  • The fibroblast is the most representative dermal cell, which is responsible for the synthesis and subsequent secretion of the components of the extracellular matrix. Thanks to the presence of fibroblasts, the structure of the extracellular matrix can be repaired, reactivating and regenerating the skin tissue.
  • Collagen is composed of polypeptide chains (proteins) that provide smoothness and firmness.
  • Elastin, the main component of elastic fibers, is a fibrous protein containing, among others, amino acids, proline, glycine and desmosine.
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What are the benefits of mesotherapy?

The skin benefits of facial mesotherapy are:

– Moisturizing: Provides hydro-capturing substances capable of retaining water in the stratum corneum (the most extensive layer of the skin), high surface moisturizing action, increasing skin redensification.
– Repair: Reduces and corrects wrinkles and regulates skin microcirculation.
– Restores dermal functions: Increases firmness and recovers skin elasticity.
– Stimulates fibroblasts
– Increases the number of collagen fibers.
– Enhances the functionality of elastic fibers
– Antioxidant: Facial mesotherapy has a cellular protection function against irritating external agents (sun and tobacco).
– Actinic rejuvenation: It reduces pigmentation and improves skin tone.

Facial mesotherapy treatment is painless and does not require social leave. It can be performed at any time of the year, it prepares the skin for the summer and at the end of the summer to repair the damage caused by excessive sun exposure. As for the sessions, these are monthly and 2 or 3 sessions per year are recommended, which can be repeated after 9-12 months.