Dense and healthy hair: FUE technique against baldness

Male baldness, also known as androgenic alopecia, usually appears in the area above the temples and recedes towards the crown of the head, creating a semicircle of hair that surrounds a bald area at the back of the head.

To recover the hair in this area is necessary to analyze each case individually, in order to provide the best treatment to recover it. The main goal is to give this area a natural and painless result, from the graft to the postoperative period.

Our patients come to the clinic with many doubts about the type of treatment to be performed. In most cases we recommend the FUE technique, one of the most innovative techniques to treat alopecia in men and women.

FUE Technique: the solution to baldness

This technique is the method most trusted by patients to recover hair. The procedure is based on extracting follicular units from the scalp and implanting them in the area suffering from alopecia.

The FUE technique can reduce the size of bald areas by up to 90%, depending on the patient’s situation. The operation has a very high success rate and hair growth is normal. Since the patient is his own donor, there is no possibility of rejecting the inserted follicles.

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