Elite scientific physiotherapy at the service of those who suffer from pain and disability

Herniated discs, sciatica, lumbagos, muscle overloads, whiplash, osteoarthritis, headaches, tendinitis, as well as sports injuries, work injuries and even surgical interventions that need a quick recovery are very common problems that are usually treated by conventional physiotherapy and attended in centers dependent on mutual and Social Security.

But not all what we call physiotherapy is the same. Nor do all physiotherapists perform the same techniques. There are levels of quality and, therefore, differences in the results.

There is a physiotherapy, based on scientific evidence and performed by highly qualified professionals that provides effective solutions in pathologies that cause pain and that are not satisfactorily resolved by traditional medicine or standard physiotherapy: advanced manual and movement physiotherapy.

Scientific advances allow us to ensure that manual and movement physiotherapy, applied by an expert physiotherapist, is the effective and quick solution for many of the injuries we have referred to.

There are several effective and safe techniques, among them the one developed by the Spanish physiotherapist Mr. Juan V. López Díaz, called POLD Method of Manual Physiotherapy. This method has more than 25 years of clinical application, has been presented in prestigious international physiotherapy congresses and has editorial and scientific publications that endorse its efficacy.

The graph above, for example, shows the evolution of treatment for a herniated disc. The red line represents patients receiving traditional physiotherapy treatment and the blue line represents patients treated with the POLD Method.

It can be seen that the pain decreases earlier and to a greater extent in patients treated with the POLD Method than in patients receiving traditional treatment. It is possible to solve these injuries in a short time and in most cases permanently, without the need for surgery, in an average of ten treatment sessions (published in Manual Therapy, doi: 10.1016/j.math.2014.11.013.).

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What does it consist of? The treatment is applied by means of a manual oscillatory mobilization that causes several effects, among which we can highlight: elimination of pain, intense muscular relaxation of contractures and metabolic changes in the tissues that eliminate the chemical generators of pain.

These effects generate a regenerative stimulus of the cartilages and in the lesions of the vertebral discs and, in most cases, the accommodation of the nervous structures so that they are not pressed, a reabsorption of the herniated disc and a reparative stimulus of the injured annulus. As an example, the resonance scan below shows one of the thousands of cases treated with the POLD method all over the world.

The effects are noticeable from the very first sessions. In most cases a great improvement is obtained after 3-5 sessions and few patients go beyond ten sessions to obtain stable and lasting results.

With the POLD method, 80% of patients achieve effective clinical results. The Pold International Institute is located in Barcelona and has offices in several cities and countries.