Sports injuries and ozone therapy

Dr. Josefina Ramón from the Catalan Institute of Ozone Therapy explains the treatment of ozone therapy in sports injuries.

What kind of sports injuries can be treated with Ozone Therapy?

A wide range, from musculotendinous injuries such as tendinopathies, tendinosis, enthesopathies, elongations, overloads, and ligament injuries such as strains. We can also treat joint injuries such as tennis wrist, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, jumper’s knee, runner’s ankle…, all of them very frequent injuries among elite and amateur athletes.

How is Ozone Therapy applied to treat injuries?

It is performed through infiltrations either intra-articular, periarticular, intramuscular, peritendinous … depending on the injury to be treated. As it is a gas, we can use thinner needles, which do not cause pain during the puncture.

How many sessions are necessary for the return to sports practice?

It will depend on the injury but at least three sessions are usually applied. The most usual is to perform one session a week.

Is it necessary to follow some kind of care or rehabilitation?

The ozone therapy treatment is designed to reduce the healing period of sports injuries. Rehabilitation can help to obtain a better result by shortening the number of sessions needed and achieving an earlier return to competition level. Ozone therapy is not an aggressive technique and can avoid surgery in many cases.