Miracle diets: rapid weight loss with serious health side effects

Miracle diets are highly restrictive diets that promise rapid weight loss. However, significant caloric restriction leads to nutritional imbalances in the body. Therefore, they are not recommended for the general population.

These diets may favor significant loss of muscle mass, as well as increased cardiovascular risk, so specialists in Nutrition and Dietetics and Aesthetic Medicine will not recommend them.

Patient profile of patients on miracle diets

These diets are usually consulted and used by people who want to lose weight very quickly with little effort. They are easy to find on the Internet and there is the belief that they can be followed without medical control and that they are harmless, nothing further from the truth.

Possible side effects of miracle diets

The most common side effects are fatigue, bad breath, constipation, loss of muscle mass and even favoring the appearance of cardiovascular pathology or diabetes. In addition, almost immediate weight regain is the usual trend, with the well-known “yo-yo” effect.

For all these reasons, medical advice is essential when starting a diet, in order to assess individual nutritional needs and to establish a diet that allows a change in nutritional habits. Correct nutrition and physical exercise are the basis for maintaining a healthy weight.