Facial Rejuvenation Techniques

Skin care and facial aging are some of the most requested treatments in recent times. We all want to look better, less tired, more youthful, and we all want to look younger.

Facial rejuvenation

When talking about facial rejuvenation, we should not only think about the best known surgical techniques, such as lifting or blepharoplasty, but we should also keep in mind that there are complementary treatments that can help to delay the use of these techniques. One of those that is giving better results is the technique called lipofilling or adipose grafting technique, also known as facial lipostructure. The aim is to reshape the face using the patient’s own fat to achieve the desired results.

Faces, as they age, lose fat and gain flaccidity; to correct this, we fill the lost volumes with the patient’s own fat, giving a more youthful appearance. But we must avoid making faces look similar to each other. Nowadays, there is an abuse of fillers or facial implants with different materials, resulting in an unnatural doll-like appearance.

This technique is especially indicated for cheekbones, furrows, nose, lips and chin, so that the face can be completely remodeled, achieving a facial rejuvenation without surgery. It is also satisfactory for the rest of the body or in the case of buttock augmentation, breast reconstruction, etc.

The future of facial treatments

The use of the patient’s own platelet growth factors under the dermis produces a vitality and rejuvenation in the skin that are the way forward and are part of the future of facial treatments. But, undoubtedly, the definitive and rejuvenating intervention is blepharoplasty, in which we remove the fat bags, which make us look tired, and eliminate the flaccidity of the eyelids. This procedure is performed on an outpatient basis and under local anesthesia with anesthetic sedation. The scar in the eye contour is imperceptible.

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Nowadays, women have surgery earlier, but with minor changes. Today’s woman wants to continue doing her usual tasks without having to stop for a long recovery, and still have a semblance of normality. Of course, we are asked to avoid frightened or mask-like faces, and scars, if noticeable, should be minimal.


It is one of the great allies of the surgeon for rejuvenation, since, without surgical intervention, it can produce very significant stretching by areas. There is no need to be afraid of it, it looks totally natural. Personally, I have been using it on myself for years and I still have expressiveness.

To sum up, we could keep the idea that a better care of our physique will help us to look better, but also to face the times we are living in with more possibilities.