Saffron as a natural therapy to promote sexual function

Since the beginning of time, the quest for improved sexual potency has been inherent to mankind. Achieving better fertility is determined by the struggle for the survival of our species. There are many natural aphrodisiacs that have been used over time in order to enhance sexuality, some of them having more or less adverse effects.

In popular medicine, it has always been said that saffron has aphrodisiac effects, and it has been from the realization of scientific analysis when it has been discovered that saffron contains a molecule called crocin, which is responsible for improving sexual function in men. Thus, through research it has been demonstrated the effect of saffron as a stimulant of sexual function by improving erection.

The fact is that the intake of fifteen milligrams of encapsulated saffron, twice a day, by a group of men with erectile dysfunction, due to taking antidepressants, gave positive results that were compared with those obtained in another group of men with the same characteristics who only received placebo during this research, without any of them knowing beforehand the component they were taking, that is, without knowing whether they were taking placebo or saffron.

Saffron against erectile dysfunction

Thus, the group of men who received saffron (30 milligrams per day, distributed in two doses) significantly improved their erectile function in more than half of the cases and without any adverse effects. These results were verified at two and four weeks after saffron supplementation, showing that the results were greater at four weeks, although at two weeks there was already an improvement in the erection of the men who ingested the daily dose. This means that the effect of saffron is dose-dependent and has a cumulative effect on the organism in terms of the efficacy of the results obtained.

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Furthermore, saffron also has positive effects on the central nervous system in both depression and dementia, being very well tolerated. Although the mechanism of action is not yet well known in the field of sexuality, it is known to increase the levels of brain serotonin, a neurotransmitter linked to the feeling of well-being. Thus, saffron is a supplement to be taken into account in daily clinical practice both in erectile dysfunction and in cases of sadness, psychological distress or minor depression.